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5 Things You Need to Know about Being your True
Authentic Self

Has anyone ever told you to “Just be authentic”?

Did you start to wonder if you are authentic or if you really want to be?

Are you curious about what you have to do to become more authentic?

If these have ever been on your mind, there are 5 things you need to know about being your true authentic self.

Here’s a free download that will give you new perspectives about authenticity and deepening the connection with your authentic self.

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Meet The Author
Norma Hollis
Authenticity Expert

Norma Hollis is a dynamic woman who is a pioneer in the personal development industry. She was the first Black woman to own a speaker bureau for Black speakers. She has studied human nature from personal, professional and spiritual perspectives for over 40 years. As a result she has a wealth of wisdom about self-awareness and what it takes to live an authentic life.

She writes programs for human development and applies them to people and organizations to help them understand themselves better and apply that understanding to making life and work more meaningful and a little bit easier.  Her most popular program, The Be Authentic Method, helps you deepen your awareness of self and how to improve relationships with others at work and home. Her books, programs and online school – Authenticity U – helps people find, live and share their authentic voice and make a difference in the world in impactful ways. She’s the author of a dozen books including “Blueprint for Engagement: Authentic Leadership”, “Ten Steps to Authenticity” and “The Process to Become a Professional Speaker."

Learn more about Norma at http://www.NormaHollis.com.